about us

DBSS is a datasystem-company located in Frankfurt and mainly working on implementation
of databases in the area of commercial dataprocessing.
Within the last years DBSS grows to a reliable partner in building up a back-office-system
especially for the touristic-branch of several important tour-operators, consolidators,
travel-agencies and CRS-systems in Germany, in Europe, in the U.S. and in the far East.

The tourist software “TIAS” is a back-office system and integrated rules and regulations of the destination country and is multilingual

Sales and Service

Our systems live from and within the strong community of the manufacturer and from our
qualified personnel. To reach the Leadership in this field we do everything to adapt our software to the newest technologies,
to design it most efficiently and to make it unreachable in quality and service.

DBSS cooperates with independent companies. They are giving us their know-how of the market and are bringing us closer to our customers. Even their knowledge and maintenance enters all phases of the project. We realize your ideas and wishes and find individual solutions for your needs.
The flexible and mature DBSS systems will give you free space for individual arrangements, high-performance technique,
constructive and vectorized solutions for all your needs. Therefore we use high-quality standardized components from named manufacturers of the computer-industry.


You can reach the DBSS staff quick and easy, 24 hours a day and 7 day a week. We help and edvise whereever you are, we are online in touch with you. Our aim is a satisfied customer.

DBSS offers complete solutions in nearly every IT-Area and IT-Technology:

- Portation of your applications to another computerenviroment
- Transformation of your products to the needs and whishes of your customers.
- heterogenious networking under Windows, UNIX, AIX, LINUX.
- Internet and Intranet solutions